Drop Shadow



Add Shadow, Add Depth

As they say, flat is boring. Make your product images interesting and appealing to the customers by adding another dimension to them-DEPTH.

And how do you go about doing it?

Well, simply upload them to us and let our experienced team of professional photo editors enhance them by adding necessary shadows where they are required.

What We Will Do

• Adjust the size of the shadow for better image depth.
• Align the angle of the shadow for enhancing the image.
• Fine tune the hardness of the shadow to make it more vivid and vibrant.
• Balance the opacity of the shadow for an overall soothing effect.
• Modify the distance from the shadow for making it visually appealing.

Depth in Pictures, Height in Sales

Why Shadows Really Matter?

As a result a potential customer gets to see digitally enhanced images of your products that are much more realistic and are full of even the minutest details for the best possible impression resulting in more business for you at lowest possible price.